Cadillac Beach

Music Video for Torpedohead
“Cadillac Beach” released on the E.P. “Let´s Go For A Ride”, EAT music 2010
Director of Photography: Torsten Klinkow
2nd Camera Operator: Eike Hübner
3rd Camera Operator: Christoph Wick
Directed by Christoph Wick & Torsten Klinkow
Edited by Christoph Wick
Mercury Girl: Aleksandra Tanasijenko
Trunk Guy: Hardy Hardt
Production Assistant: Markus Klink
Digital Postproduction:
Hendrik Schmandt, Henne & Ordnung
Produced by:
Eike Hübner, Torsten Klinkow, Christoph Wick & Torpedohead
Special Thanks to Jurij “Mercjurij” Fallheier


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