scenes from the suburbs

spike jonze´s “scenes from the suburbs” short-film wich features a brilliant arcade fire soundtrack is online at the trailer:

“Scenes From the Suburbs is a half-hour short film directed by Spike Jonze and based on Arcade Fire’s Grammy-winning album, The Suburbs. The dystopian flick follows a group of high school kids living in a paranoid alternative reality where martial law rules a stretch of repetitive houses and lawns. The movie mixes the warm naturalism of Jonze’s more heartfelt work with the under-siege aura of movies like 1984′s Red Dawn as it imagines an America where towns are separated by checkpoints and heavily armed guards. […]

Pitchfork: What were some visual touchstones you were thinking about while making this film?

Will Butler: Terry Gilliam movies like 12 Monkeys or Brazil, and even E.T. and Goonies just because they’re such strong influences on everyone in our generation. But also something like Red Dawn, where it’s like a teen action-adventure movie but also a little stupid. The original dream was to make a 20-minute trailer for a movie like Red Dawn where you feel some emotional points and parts of it are really confusing and parts of it are really cool looking. We didn’t have the ability to do a feature-length, but since we always make feature-length things in the musical world, we wanted to try to give it the feel of a feature, but also have it be a little more disparate structurally.”

check out the full interview with win butler at
via nerdcore

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