duncan bonar – racing shot on analog film

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Picture 046

Story and photography by Duncan Bonar

I’m a product designer and photographer in Los Angeles, attending Art Center College of Design. Additionally, I’m obsessed with all things petrol and Porsche. Recently, I had the fantastic pleasure of camping at Laguna Seca to enjoy Rennsport Reunion.

If there was a Disneyland with a dash of crack for Porsche fiends, Rennsport Reunion was it. Rising from slumber to 356s descend the Corkscrew into turn 9 beats bacon, eggs, and espresso any day.

There is a specific sound that resonates from all things air-cooled. They have a particular zing and zah to hold their own. They sing a song that melts your heart and eardrums to carbon dust leaving a grin from cheek to cheek across your sun soaked face. Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca is to be remembered for the sake of remembering. Porsche, being an institution holding decades of racing prowess, success, and pedigree, believe its cars deserve to live in the way they were meant to live, on track and racing.

Rennsport Reunion is a living museum of racing triumphs. To experience a brand in all such glory was an event to be truly thankful for.

For more of Duncan’s work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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