stubby bob does wheelies!

ever since the first episode of roadkill i am hooked. actually this was the show that finally convinced me, that i won´t find my favourite tv shows on actual tv anymore but on the web. and roadkill is one of them. it´s like top gear on a low budged level. with 2 guys only. and they´re american. but they are great fun and even tho they claim not to, they know their sh*t. hot rods, engines, crafting. and they go on roadtrips. if you follow the show you also notice how finnegan and freiburger grow together as a team and as friends. while the first episodes still have a feeling of professional distance between them, now you can tell that all they accomplished during the last years of the show they became best buddies. the last episode is the topping of the cake. from a hot-rod-building kind of side, because stubby bob turned from old dr. jekyl to insane wheelstanding mr. hyde but also this episode accomplished a perfect storytelling, from setting an almost impossible goal, moments of success, fail and drawbacks to a really grand finale. it has a great buddy team of 2 best-buddys as the heros, likeable sidekicks and that guy that says that they will never make it (wich pushes them even more). hollywood couldn´t have scripted it better and it would make a perfect outsiders-become-heros flick. before that happens, enjoy watching the “original” story of stubby bob.

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